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This article explains what e-mail addresses come with your Suso account.

Premium/Shell accounts

For all premium/shell accounts, you default e-mail address is If you also have a domain name associated with your account, then you can also use as an e-mail address and it will go to the same inbox.

Domain owners can also setup e-mail aliases and e-mail only accounts to allow for more addresses.

The thing to remember about premium/shell accounts is that they might receive e-mail on multiple domains. One address will always be on the domain, and then you'll have another address called username@domainname for each domain name that you have tied to your account.

E-mail only accounts

If you have an e-mail only account, then your address is the same as what you requested as an account name. This account name also acts as your username for filling in forms and prompts that ask for your username. So if your e-mail account name was, then your username is also

E-mail aliases

For e-mail aliases, the address is just whatever you create the alias as.