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Welcome to your Xen virtual machine. Your Xen virtual machine is a full functioning Linux environment (with a few exceptions), that allows you to complete control of your server. With the power to control your own server also comes the ability to misconfigure your server or accidentally delete important data. Here are some tips to get you started using your Xen virtual machine. Essentially, you now have enough rope to hang yourself.

Using the 'root' user

You have the ability to use the root account which has superuser powers. With this account you can manage users (create/modify/delete), modify system configuration files, reboot or shutdown your Xen virtual machine, and much more. The password for the root account should be protected and only known by yourself or those responsible at your company. You are advised to give supplimental accounts to people who need to have any kind of special access.

You should not get in the habit of using the root account for things that do not require root access. A minor typo using the root account can render your virtual machine unusable.

To access the root account once you have logged into the virtual machine, issue the following command at the command prompt:

su -

You will then be asked for the root password. Once you have entered the root password correctly your prompt should change and you will now have superuser access. To exit the root account and go back to having just user power, type:


Your prompt will go back to your user account prompt and you will now have just the power of your user account instead of the superuser power.