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Why is my website in a directory in my www directory?

All of your web accessable content is held within the www directory in your home directory. In order to handle the possibility of multiple websites on your account, we have devised a setup where every one of your websites will have its own directory within your www directory. This might mean that you have only one directory in your www directory, or you might have many. This is different from a setup where your main website's content is kept directly in the www directory. Here is an example of how www directories are setup:

                |           |--mysqlinfo
                |           \--.htpasswd
                |        |
                |        |
                |        |
                |        \
                |--other home directory files
                        |                       |--.htaccess
                        |                       |--stats/
                        |                       |--index.html
                        |                       \--images/

In the diagram above, you'll see how the content for is kept inside the directory called The same goes for other hostnames that you use. Regardless of which domain or hostname they use, each different hostname that has its own website will have its own directory.

To give you some insight on why we did this, in the past, it was common for web hosting providers to put the content of your first website in your www directory and then if you had another website they would create a directory with a simple name like 'anotherwebsite' inside of your www directory. This created a lot of clutter and led to problems like being able to access site B through a subdirectory of site A (ie.

Even if you have only one website, your www directory will still be setup in this fashion to allow for future expansion.