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This article and its connections explain how to use a website based email client (commonly called webmail) that we provide for your use with your Suso account.

The address or URL for the webmail system at Suso is You can also reach the webmail system by logging into the control panel on the main Suso website.

Flavors of webmail

The webmail software that we use was not written by us, although we sometimes make some modifications for enhanced functionality. Over the years we have tried a few different versions of webmail software. We currently use Squirrelmail, which is a very robust and stable piece of software. Some people don't like its interface, but it is very well maintained and has a lot of features that other webmail clients don't offer. In the future, we plan to offer another webmail client called Zimbra that has a better interface and has features you'd find in a quality e-mail client.

Using Squirrelmail

To use the Squirrelmail software, simply go to the webmail system at and login using your username and password. Squirrelmail works using IMAP, so if you are going to use webmail, it is probably best to also use IMAP on your desktop e-mail client, if you use one. Using IMAP essentially means that your e-mail is kept on the server instead of being downloaded to your desktop.


Upon logging into Squirrelmail, you will see that the window will divide up into two frames. The left side frame displays a list of e-mail folders that you are subscribed to on the server side. This frame refreshes periodically and also displays the number of new messages in each folder. By default, when you login, you will be shown an index of the e-mail in your inbox, but you can select another folder by clicking on its name.

The bigger frame on the right side displays everything else, including an index of messages in the e-mail folder you are viewing, e-mail messages, preferences and more.