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To transfer your website to your Suso account, you can use the SCP.

SCP, which is based on the SSH protocol is a method for securely transfering files and directories over the internet. On Suso, it is the replacement for the FTP protocol, which is less secure because passwords and files are transmitted in clear text over the network, which makes it visible to network sniffing software.

To use SCP, you need an SCP compatible client program for your operating system. Here are some links to client programs. Choose one that is for your operating system:

  • Windows:
  • Macintosh:
  • Linux/*BSD
    • gFTP - You can probably download this through your package manager though.
    • OpenSSH scp or sftp (you probably already have it.)

To login to your account, use the following information:

  • Server hostname: or
  • Port number: 22
  • Login username: username

After logging in, most GUI applications will let you drag and drop the files between panes of the application window. It really depends on which program you are using.