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Mediawiki is a popular wiki software application that works with PHP and MySQL. We already have several mediawiki installations on Suso, so it may be a good choice for you if you are looking for a wiki to use. Mediawiki is also the same software used on popular wiki's like Wikipedia, Bloomingpedia and even this support site.

This page documents some of the steps that you'll need to take outside of Mediawiki's official instructions, which you should also read through to become familiar with it.

  • 1. If you think you'll be uploading images or files to your wiki, its probably a good idea to request suphp access on the website that you'll be using it on. Please send an e-mail to our support staff to request this. Be sure to include the name of the website that you want to run the wiki on.
  • 2. Make sure you have database access. You'll also need to make a request to support if you don't already have MySQL database access. Also, think of a database name that you'll use for your wiki. Usually this would be something like yourusername_wiki where yourusername is your actual username. When you get to the installation part of Mediawiki itself, it will ask for a database password, you can get your database password from the mysqlinfo file of your account. Also note that the other account it asks you to create is for your Mediawiki website itself, so its not your Suso username and password.
  • 3. Download the latest version of Mediawiki here. You can either download using your browser and then either scp or ftp the file to your site's web directory. Or you can SSH into your account and download the file directly using a command like this:

cd www/


Replace the URL above with the latest download URL from the Mediawiki site.

  • 5. Once you're done with the Mediawiki installation, it should provide you with a link to your wiki. You should be done at this point and your wiki should be working.

We recommend reading up on restricting access to your wiki so that spammers don't overwhelm your site. If you allow anyone to edit the wiki, then make sure you understand that you'll need to police it regularly otherwise once spammers find it, they will continually try to edit it to add links to advertisement websites and will ruin your wiki.