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If you would like to simply have all your e-mail be sent to another account either at Suso or somewhere else, you have a few options.

Email Alias

If you want to create an address on one of your domains that forwards to another account, you can use the "email alias" section of the Web Control Panel. This does not allow you to forward where your premium account's email will go, but it does allow you to redirect other addresses.

Creating a .forward File

Placing a .forward file with a valid e-mail address in it in your home directory will forward all your e-mail to that address. This will however bypass any rules placed in your .procmailrc file, such as the rules for spam filtering.

Using Procmail To Forward E-mail

Procmail is a program that is run when mail is delivered to your premium account. It processes a set of rules that allow you to control how your e-mail is managed, such as automatically putting e-mail from someone into a specific mail folder. Procmail also allows you to forward e-mail to other addresses. By putting the following ruleset in your .procmailrc file, you can forward mail to remote addresses:

* !^Return-Path: <>

This is the most flexible method and even allows you to process spam before you forward anything. The Return-Path: <> part prevents loops if there is a problem with the account you are forwarding to.