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Suso as a web and email service provider was started on October 31st, 1997 when I created an account for my friend Andy Krieg. The original purpose of this server was to host the vast amount of media and content of 'The Philip Glass Library'. Since then the services of have expanded greatly into a "carnival of information", where people can learn about the Internet and realize their ideas.

During the late 90s it was a time of experimentation and learning. It started out originally in my dorm room in Eigenmann Hall room 847 for about 2 months before moving to room 1011. In the beginning a lot of content was stuff like people's mp3s, funny movies and basic mail services. Actually, was one of the major hosts of some classic videos and animations popular on the internet at that time. Several months I was getting requests by several hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And saturating the university's computer network.

I also had the opportunity to host several sites like a student government website for IU and my own mealpoints refund site, which I started as a way of collecting digital signatures to show disapproval of the university's mealpoints policies for dorm residents. Up until April of 1998 it was actually called In April, 1998 I registered the domain

By about 1999 it was time to move out of the dorm into an apartment. But what would I do for dedicated server access? Luckily I worked for Kiva Networking at the time and found an apartment right across the street from their office. Using a high power wireless array, I was able to provide 3 Mbits of access to the servers and dedicated IP addresses through my own router. While I was sleeping, thousands of people were accessing the servers 5 feet away from me. I was living the good life. ;-)

In 2000 I started experimenting with internet radio a lot more and created my own radio station ( that also hosted live music in my living room on Saturday nights. I also started charging users for their usage of for the first time. Being as I was paying $300/month for wireless it only seemed fair that most users who used it would share in the cost.

In the fall of 2000 I met up with Marina Kim (user marina), who I had tutored back in 1998 when I was in the dorm and gave her an account. We fell in love, got married and started working on together. Over the next few years we would make an official business, replacing the main servers and moving them into a 24-hour accessible colocation room downtown. Now that we no longer had to worry about overheating computers, providing them with enough bandwidth and power backup, we could move out of the apartment and provide better services overall.

From 2002 to 2004 we took on 35 more customers. Brining our total to 87 people. This was all simply by word of mouth. So we decided to expand, make more official and make it more scalable.

In the beginning of 2004 we decided to incorporate our business to ensure that is well protected and so that customers could count on it being there for a long time to come. The new corporation Suso Technology Services, Inc. was formed in June. That summer we worked diligently to prepare to move into an office, release a new invoice system to keep track of balances, improve our current services and prepare for offering new ones like Linux support and web design.

We will be having our opening day in the new office on September 17th, which is also the 13th anniversary of Linux. Join us.