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This document contains general information about how to access your e-mail on Suso.

SMTP (outgoing) mail server:

IMAP (incoming mail server:
POP3 (incoming mail server:

Web URL for accessing webmail system:

Your username to login with: yourusername  (yourfullemailaddress if it is for an email only account)

Your email address is: or yourusername@yourdomainname

The outgoing mail server allows you to send mail through it only if you have an email client capable of doing Authenticated SMTP. This usually is indicated by an option in your email client that says "My outgoing (SMTP) mail server requires me to login".

You should also turn on (if available) the option that forces your client to connect using an SSL connection. This increases the security of your login to the mail server by encrypting your password.

For the incoming mail server you should configure your client to use an IMAP connection. You should also turn on any option that forces your client to connect via SSL. IMAP is better than POP because your email stays on the Suso server so that you can access your mail from anywhere.