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You may encounter a strange looking sequence of characters in documentation sometimes that looks like this:

name <at> domain <dot> com

The purpose of this is to explain to the user what address they should send an e-mail to without specifying the exact e-mail address. This is meant to help stop the harvesting of e-mail addresses for spammers to use. It is only mildly effective because

All you have to do to convert this into a real e-mail address is replace the <at> with an @ symbol and the <dot> with a period (.), like this:

Here are some other similar techniques for the same address:

  • name at domain dot com (A bit harder to see what should be done)
  • Put name before the @ sign and domain dot com after (tries to explain what to do)
  • (Remove the -nospam parts before sending)

Unfortunately this technique is only mildly effective because e-mail harvesting programs get smarter and smarter all the time, and have ways of detecting this type of thing. Nevertheless, we thought we'd try using it here.