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Sometimes legitimate e-mails are marked as spam solely on content. Below are some great examples of an e-mails that were legitimate and came from someone the recipient knows, but was mis-detected as spam because it fits a certain profile and looked like spam to the filtering software.

Email about loans

Subject: FW: Home Loan re-finance

Hey Baby, here's Michael's reply about your loan options.  Your current rate
is 5.5%, so 4.875% is better than what you've got now.  Let me know what you
want to do.

This e-mail received two 2.7 point scores for a total of 5.4, which is over the default threshold. Some of the major contributing factors to this being marked as spam include:

  • Subject is very similar to some home loan re-finance spams.
  • Use of the FW: to show a forwarded e-mail probably also contributed
  • Short 3 -line message body
  • Body of message starts out with "Hey Baby," then goes on to talk about loans and percentage rates.

It may be difficult to talk about certain topics like loan refinancing without it scoring something in the spam filters.

Spammy words

Here are some words that you may use in an e-mail that would earn a point towards being marked as spam. You may want to avoid using them or be aware that if you do use them, your message runs a higher risk of ending up in the junk folder.

  • casino